What's in our neighborhood?

How would you describe your neighborhood to someone who has never visited? Brainstorm about 10 phrases to describe your habitat, such as lots of trees, some tall buildings, many trees, blacktop everywhere, etc.
1.Many housing developments
2.Lots of trees
3.Many areas with open space
4.Many strip mall areas
5.Roads everywhere
6.Scattered woodlands
7.Some farmlands and fields

Write an overall description of your habitat, including a photos if you can.

A suburban area that still maintains rural charm with woodlands, farms and open areas scattered among the many housing developments. Ponds and streams are still abundant. Many of the developments were built on old farm lands.

What features make our neighborhood a suitable place for birds?

There is still an abundance of trees, shrubs and bushes for shelter and food as well as fresh water. There are many homes which provide food through feeders as well as an abundance of natural foods.

What birds do you regularly see on your bird counts?

Robins, cardinals, gold finches, mourning doves, wrens, chickadees, house finches, grackles, canada geese, mallard ducks, sparrows, blue jays, killdear, red tailed hawks, turkey vultures, blue heron, crows.