What's in our neighborhood?

How would you describe your neighborhood to someone who has never visited? Brainstorm about 10 phrases to describe your habitat, such as lots of trees, some tall buildings, many trees, blacktop everywhere, etc.
1. Suburban Area ( tightly packed houses)
2. Part of a Deciduous Forest
3. Man-made ponds
4. Close to Hempstead Lake State Park and Tanglewood Preserve
5. Large Areas of school-fields ( turf fields)
6. Parking lots behind most buildings (asphalt parking lots)
7. Paved streets
8. Canadian Geese ( invasive species)
9. Open culvert on the far end of the high-school
10. Fields constantly flood

Write an overall description of your habitat, including a photos if you can.

IMG_0454.JPGThe area we are researching is a forested area of the High School property that has a swampy, open culvert. There are many fields and asphalt parking lots (ex. tennis courts, basketball courts, track etc.). The area contains a lot of invasive vegetation, and the fields and groomed on a weekly basis.

What features make our neighborhood a suitable place for birds?

There are lots of trees for shelter, telephone poles for perching. also, there are nearby ponds and lakes for drinking ( great for migrating birds). We have a variety of plants and flowers, as well as a certain amount of predators, such as cats. There are also lots of fields ( surrounded by small forested areas). There are areas of rich and fertile soil. The climate is moderate which allows most migratory birds to rest.

What birds do you regularly see on your bird counts?

You may want to record data from your "Count Birds for Science" lesson.