What's in our neighborhood?

How would you describe your neighborhood to someone who has never visited? Brainstorm about 10 phrases to describe your habitat, such as lots of trees, some tall buildings, many trees, blacktop everywhere, etc.
1. urban school 10 minutes from downtown Dallas, Texas
2. school's backyard facing soccer field and a busy two-lane road
3. courtyard surrounded on three sides by 2-story school building
4. near level ground, about 140 x 90 feet
5. about ten trees, mostly young oaks clustered on one half of the area (right)
6. an old raised garden is on the left side
7. no shrubs, mid-level plantings for shelter
8. lawn grass has disappeared in around trees, soil is compacted and eroded
9. a library door and gym doors provide access
10. uptairs windows abound for viewing, downstairs windows have permanent screens

Write an overall description of your habitat, including a photos if you can.

What features make our neighborhood a suitable place for birds?

Think about the availability of food, water and shelter.

What birds do you regularly see on your bird counts?

You may want to record data from your "Count Birds for Science" lesson.