All information on this page is written by sixth grade students. (except this sentence!!!)

1. Share about your habitat (consider sharing photos and a description about what it's like where YOU live)!
Hello, my name is Natasha. Our school, Miller Creek Middle School, is located along a beautiful riparian forest, in which Miller Creek runs through. The creek is not fast, but is a pretty calm and shady place. On the trails near the creek much grows, such as: buttercup flowers, willow trees, bay laurel trees, oak trees, big, medium, and small trees, thistle, poison oak, ivy, black berry bushes, grass, California poppies, coyote bushes, daisies, and non-native plants. The ivy climbs up the trees. There are many trees located in our school area. They provide shade in parts of the forest, but not all places. There are bugs and dragonflies. Squirrel’s live in this area as well. The trails/paths are lade out with gravel. The soil next to the creek is dry and the bank of the creek has piece's of cement dug into it. On the opposite side of the creek there is a line of fences from the people who live there. About a mile from the creek there are hills. And finally the creek is about 6 miles long, and about 1 mile from the school, it goes under the freeway.

2. What birds do you see?
Yesterday we went on a 20 minute walk near our school and we saw these birds:
American Crow / Chestnut- Backed Chickadee / Oregon Junco / Red-Shouldered Hawk / California Towhee / American Robbin
Downy Woodpecker / House Finch / Turkey Vulture - Violet/ Green swallow - Cedar Waxwing / Bushtit
During other class walks we also found these birds:
Anna's Humming Bird / Swainson's Thrush / Bewicks Wren / Acorn Woodpecker / W Schrub Jay / Tree Swallows / Warbling Viero
White- Breasted Nuthatch / Nuattalls Woodpecker / Oak Titmouse / Barn Swallow / Allen's Hummingbird