Earth is home to an astonishing diversity of organisms and habitats. Yet within that diversity there is also uniformity. By sharing information about your back yard you are providing others with your piece of a larger puzzle. With each piece, classrooms can begin to see how their local landscape and birds fit in across the United States. By looking at other classrooms you will begin to notice trends with common birds and uncommon birds, and with different habitats. These are the same trends that real scientists look at when they are developing conservational strategies. While knowledge is critical to conservation, collaboration is equally important to its success. On this wiki you will become familiar with this real life collaboration process.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Click the New Page button in the top left-hand side of the wiki to create your school's habitat exchange wiki page (see BirdSleuth Help if you need guidance).
  2. Type in the name of your school, including your state. For example: Britain Acres Elementary School (CA).
  3. Select the "Habitat Exchange school name" template from the template drop down menu.